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ABOUT EVOLVING MINDS AND SOULS ‘Explanations that make sense’ ‘If it feels right in your soul, it is right’ Copyright 2014 – This document is fully protected by copyright law. V8.9.14

Current direction: ‘Evolving Minds and Souls’ is a company that provides structured educational content with books, spoken media, and motion picture formats. The Mind Development Methodology, from the book, The Mindfield, by Ronald G. Matthews governs the educational content programming work.

Unique thought: Evolving Minds and Souls is not a religion. The thinking and theology however, are unique. We are focused on helping those that want to evolve their Souls. Everyone has a ‘soul’. All religions that believe in one Supreme Being, that we call God, believe humans have a soul.

Our products and programs are focused on evolving the soul and not on religious rules or instruction. That means we are focused on the cleansing, defending, engaging and the purification of the soul. It also means we work on increasing the awareness of the mind.

The soul is the only part of us that is eternal. My explanations show that the soul is a unique and separate spiritual being and is not the same as the spiritual(unseen) energy that defines the physical body. The soul continues to exist after the body has stopped functioning.

The soul has it’s own intelligence and creativity, but is under the control of the mind. We explain the soul is attached to the back of the heart but can reach anywhere. Basis of ‘THE POINT’ thinking, theology and structured belief in God:

1. All religions that believe in one ultimate God also believe that God created and sustains every creation with an unseen ‘energy’ that we call spiritual. Our five physical senses are limited to material creations The soul is our connection to the spiritual world.

2. God is the creator of all things both seen and unseen – God is invisible to our eyes. God is not a being in any sense that we understand. We cannot determine how God can exist, nor can we determine how anything could exist. It is not within our logic boundaries. God simply IS. The evidence is preponderous, but even without physical evidence, God can be felt by the soul and communicate with any mind.

3. We contend that the name of Jesus and the name of God have been used to divide and not to unite the peoples of the earth. Most major religions have said that Jesus was a ‘good teacher’. Logically, that means these religions believe his teachings were ‘good and true’. We explain how Jesus teachings validate our explanations of the soul and the unseen world of the soul, but it is not necessary. The Soul is not confused about what feels good and what feels bad. The potential power of the soul is revealed with Jesus teachings.

4. Christian Holy Book, the Bible – The Bible is tainted in parts. In Ronald Matthews book, ‘The Point’, Ron explains how many passages are just wrong, inserted, or misinterpreted. The great teacher Jesus said that the literal text of the Bible is defined with spiritual energy that is called a spirit. Jesus said to use only the literal is to ‘MISS THE POINT’. That the spiritual has a much greater feel than the literal.

Jesus constantly said that the religious leaderships interpretation of the literal was dark, and that they were teaching Satan, and leading the sheep to the slaughter. Jesus said the leaders were evil. That their father was not Abraham, but it was Satan. He points out that the literal scripture houses the ‘spiritual message’ which is much broader than the physical. He said the literal houses ‘The Spirit of the Law’ and ‘The spirit of the promise to Abraham’.

Everything created, in CREATION THINKING, is defined with spiritual energy we call a new spirit. Jesus said, without the literal, one could not determine the spirit. All the spirits that had any contribution to the Bible are still there. They replicate when a Bible is printed. Feeling the spirit of Scripture is extremely difficult. One must know how to do this. This is part of what Jesus said makes his teachings difficult to comprehend.

Only the soul can feel the truth or untruth of scripture. The mind limits the Soul’s ‘feeling information’ because it does not understand where that information came from. Feeling the energy in the verses and chapters with the soul, and putting that to a logic test, is the only way to differentiate the original writing from ‘altered’ writing. For religions that say they think Jesus was a GOOD TEACHER, the SPIRIT OF JESUS TEACHINGS and the SPIRIT OF THE BIBLE, have eluded them.

5. Satan and demons are a creation of God’s. We assume, or surmise that the Mankind in the Garden of Eden were bored and boring to God. But God wanted mankind to live forever and wanted to be sure which ones wanted to live with Him in Heaven and which did not. A choice was necessary. Now, each person makes up their own mind which direction they wish to go. That is the free choice mankind was given. God waits for man, but prompts man to decide in his favor, whereas demons don’t wait and provoke bad behavior. We believe our explanation makes the most sense of any explanation offered.

6. This CHOICE to do right or wrong is shown with the person’s behavior and deeds. At death, the soul continues on the path established by the behavior shown while the mind was in control and the body was alive.

7. Ronald G Matthews’s book, ‘The Point’ explains the unseen world of the soul and of God, and how to increase the power of the soul. It reveals how the soul can be evolved in keeping with the teachings of Jesus to ‘Prepare for the Wedding’. This also creates a ‘Heaven on Earth’ for the one that chooses God.

8. The ‘Spirit of Jesus teaching’, not the literal, is the foundation for the explanations in the book, ‘The Point’ by Ronald G. Matthews. http://www.amazon.com/THE-POINT-Evolving-Controlling-Journey/dp/1621412121/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1399933483&sr=8-2&keywords=the+point+by+ronald+matthews

9. The mind requires new awareness to pursue a path of Goodness, and not allow oneself to be used for evil though one’s thought processes. The SOUL IS THE ETERNAL SELF. Full and complete recognition of ‘The Eternal Self’ is the only way to ‘SYNC THE ENERGIES OF THE MIND AND SOUL’ Syncing these energies allows for ‘INNER PEACE’. When the mind does not understand the origin of the Soul’s ‘FELT ENERGY’, IT rejects this ‘STREAMING FEED’ of the Soul. The mind defeats the feelings and replaces them with stored logic and memories. information and defaults to logic and memories. What the soul feels is also called intuition. The mind alters in real time.

10. INTUITION is the unaltered Streaming Feed of the Soul to the mind. An Intuitive is more in tune with the soul and their minds trust the feelings sent by the soul. These ‘Feelings’ are then translated by the mind into understandable language.

11. How was scripture ‘tainted’? Jesus said that the ‘spirit of scripture’ would not exist without the literal writing. The original energy of the written teachings of Jesus never dies and can be replicated. It is not bound in any particular language. . Ghost writers, Interpreters, Pope’s and in the third century Constantine all changed written scripture. Some of these changes ‘tainted’ the teachings of Jesus. Some changes are proveable and others must be felt with the soul to be understood. Some changes to scripture were done to define Christianity as a ‘state religion’. Some changes and errors were innocent. Some were not so innocent.

12. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and other Apostles, provide us with ample evidence of the true ‘Feeling Energy’ or ‘Spirit’ of the teachings of Jesus.

13. Evolving Minds and Souls uses only the ‘Felt Energy’ of Jesus teachings, and does not teach Paul ‘the Apostle’ or other interpreters of Jesus teachings. That is not to say Paul was wrong. It is to say, we must use the source teachings and not interpretations of the source. We teach only God’s Words. Jesus always said he was teaching the ‘exact words of God’.

14. The Discovery Channel in a program they did of ‘Jesus the Messiah’ proved that Jesus was born on the day when three planets were aligned. These planets were used by Jewish and Persian Astrologers to determine the birth and death of Kings. The three planets in alignment meant that ‘The King of Kings’ was born. The modern calendar plus the gaps left out of the modern calendar between kings, places the exact time.

15. Jesus is FREE to everyone on the Earth. There is no need to acknowledge what Jesus said or did in order to benefit by ‘THE NEW RULES OF GOD’ for admittance into HEAVEN. This means that one must not have ever heard of Jesus or God, but can still live a life of Goodness, and their soul would go to heaven. Certainly God would not withhold admittance of a ‘Good’ person that did not learn of Him, or Jesus, versus a person that did. It simply does not make sense. As well, these new rules of not having to be perfect and sinless, applied to all human life since time began.

Is Jesus ‘THE MESSIAH’ – Neither does one need to acknowledge the SACRIFICE of Jesus life as the customary payment for cleansing the world of sin. Nothing anyone can do or say can change what ‘IS’. Once we realize the sacrifice paid, as required by God the Creator, we express our gratitude to God for sending Jesus. We are grateful to God sending Jesus to pay for the implementation of the new rules for the soul going to heaven. No longer is sin the criteria for admittance to Heaven.

16. We pray and worship only God. In the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, Jesus states clearly that we are to pray only in this way, “OUR FATHER, Who is in Heaven….” Jesus made it very clear to pray only to ‘The Father’ and to make sure it is God in his Kingdom. Jesus never said it is okay to pray to anyone less than God. Jesus said that praying to anyone other than God is the same as praying to idols. Idols have no ‘Energy Building Power’ or Goodness. God’s energy is always building, affirming, growing, and never draining to the soul. God’s discipline that molds one to living a life of Goodness can be very painful, but is always building.

17. The soul is easily damaged when a person is oblivious to the soul or the power of the soul, or a child. When the soul remains damaged, it becomes impaired with woundedness akin to open sores. It becomes putrid, hardened, and calloused. The mind does not want to acknowledge that damage. Bad behavior is what damages the soul. Good behavior will nourish the soul. But only understanding will RESTORE THE SOUL.

18. Jesus explained faith. Faith is a true belief without doubt. One has faith that ‘a spiritual being’ can do something that the body cannot.

19. Faith does not involve the five senses or anything physical. Jesus referred to different types of faith. One is faith in God. One type of faith was revealed in the healings and demonic purging by Jesus. One type of faith is in the power potential of your own soul. You believe something will or can happen that defies the laws of Nature or Evil. This type of faith was demonstrated by the woman that touched his garment. Jesus said ‘her own soul’ had healed her. He did not command his soul to heal her. Jesus said it was the ‘soldier’ that exhibited the greatest faith. Why? The soldier somehow knew Jesus did not have to be present for his Soul to heal a person.

20. The mind has the power to engage the soul to action. However, the mind cannot control HOW the soul will render results. The Soul has it’s own intelligence and it’s own creativity. The soul has power over all other spirits and can command ANY other non human spirit to do something. The soul engages to action when it sees the mind ‘BELIEVES WITHOUT DOUBT’. Sometimes strong and highly focused ‘thoughts’ are sufficient to engage the soul to action. Jesus said with even ‘THE SLIGHTEST AMOUNT OF FAITH, ONE COULD DO ANYTHING’. We believe this leaves room for fantastic results.

21. Evolving Minds and Souls does not teach anyone to leave their religion. Anyone religious or not can follow the teachings of Heaven, which is demonstrated with consistent good behavior and deeds. Good behavior is always energy building and dark behavior is always energy draining. ‘Good Energy’ people are not self righteous or self centered. Evolved people will confront evil behavior demons with their mind, body and soul. They know they can defeat evil.

22. The ‘Evolving Souls’ (ES) organization is for people that want to insure their life on earth is heavenly and the Soul’s life after bodily death is IN HEAVEN. Resistance to living a life of goodness is rewarded by no one. E Evolving Soul People (ESP) are exactly focused on being a source of uplifting energy to others souls. They always are consciously aware of their thoughts.

23. The EVOLVE YOUR SOUL PROGRAM teaches awareness of the unseen world. It teaches RESTORATION OF THE SOUL through CLEANSING. It teaches DEFENDING THE SOUL with CONFRONTATION. It teaches ENGAGING THE SOUL to SERVE GOD by SERVING OTHERS AND GOD DIRECTLY. It teaches PURIFICATION OF THE SOUL. At the core of the EVOLVE YOUR SOUL PROGRAM begins with oneself. First begin with one’s own soul to get it healthy and fully nurtured. As one learns, one shares with behavior, not by ‘telling’, unless the teaching is invited. EVOLVING MINDS AND SOULS IS ABOUT EDUCATING Let’s consider the basis for how we believe in educating with instructional programming: Ronald G. Matthews book, ‘THE MINDFIELD’ explains the MIND DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MC1SHDW Audience: Our audience is those people that want their souls to go to heaven, and be confident it will. The desirable audience for our programming about the soul, are those people that seek to sync the energies of their mind with their soul by evolving their minds and souls. The mind is usually resistant to new explanations that are different from established ideas taught them in their life. Why evolve the mind and soul?

Evolving includes cleansing, learning how to defend the soul, and how to engage the soul for superior results to any situation. It is necessary to dine with God in Heaven.

1. Jesus taught that we are to prepare our soul for the wedding feast. In those times, this was the biggest event in life.

2. Jesus said your soul needs to be prepared and waiting for the doors to the feast to open.

3. The mind is in control of the destiny of the soul. The Soul will no longer have access to the mind after death of the body. The mind must prepare the soul.

4. Getting ready for a wedding feast, which is the biggest event of one’s lifetime, means you get cleaned up and dressed up.

5. ‘Cleaned up’ means ‘Cleansing the soul’. We heal the damage done to your soul so it is healthy.

6. Protecting or defending the soul from new damage comes from new understanding about defending the soul. Paul called this ‘The armor of God’.

7. The attire, or clothes of the soul comes from the full understanding how to engage the soul to action. You have adorned the clothing of and are living a consistent life of good deeds and good behavior. You ‘own’ this lifestyle in the mind and understand why it is the best choice.

8. Jesus said that those were not dressed properly for ‘The wedding feast’ would not be allowed in. Jesus used the example of the wedding feast because it was familiar to the people of that day. The ‘Wedding Feast’ was used to represent ‘heaven’.

9. We know the soul can be reincarnated into a newly born body, as was the case of John the Baptist being the reincarnation of Elijah. John the Baptist was not aware of his prior life as Elijah. Reincarnation would explain ‘old souls’.

10. The defining programming of the soul is not alterable. The soul is clear about what ‘feels good’ and what ‘feels bad’. Some people understand what is best for their lives and naturally live a life providing good feelings to others. Using uplifting energy consistently explains how these people are admitted to heaven, though they may have never had religious training or know about God and Jesus,

11. Doing what is right and dwelling on what is beautiful with consistency, is the only requirement for the soul to enter heaven. The soul simply continues on the course set for it by the mind. The future of ‘Evolving Minds and Souls’ Evolving Minds and Souls is an organization that will provide instructional programming for relationships with God, Others, and the Self. It will provide a site for meditation, prayer, worship as well as guided visualizations. Our organization will use broadcast programming, webcast, audio books, podcasts, and written materials to provide you the informational content that will permit one to evolve their soul. Products for use by children and parents will become available. All of our services and products are to help you to ‘evolve and purify your soul’.

We believe we should defend our souls by confronting the dark behavior that others use to cause damage to our soul. We confront others when we are mentally, emotionally or physically able. The purpose is to inform and to bring peace to our soul. Evolving Minds and Souls believes that mankind is the protector of the earth, and of Mother Nature, who was once an archangel and will be restored to that high authority. We believe in sustainable living. Sustainable includes returning the land and sea to one of complete health.

We firmly believe that mankind has exceeded sustainable living, particularly in some countries where the quality of life has continually diminished. We believe ‘Sin’ is the ‘bad feeling detected by the soul’ that comes from people that allow themselves to be used by evil for bad behavior. Sin did not disappear, but judgment for sin did. Heaven is now for those that seek a life of good behavior and perform good deeds, doing so from love, and not from obligation. Understanding love, and showing respect for the situations and feeling of others is the key to good behavior. Our whole organization’s purpose is to provide nurturance for the souls of the people that follow our explanations. Anyone serving God can belong to our organization. When you serve God, you do so by being a servant. You serve God directly and by serving others.

As you grow in spirit, you share with others that are receptive. Our organization does not mandate you be religious, but neither do we object. Whether you are religious or not is not a deterrent for admittance to heaven. If your religion prevents you from doing good deeds and good behavior as a way of life, then you must decide how to deal with that. I do not judge religion. I am clear on what behavior is being used by religious belief. You need not be religious for you to live a life of goodness. All religions have people that are good and bad. The same is true of the non religious. We believe we must fully engage our bodies and souls for the good. We are not passive.

We are highly passionate and compelled to raise the good energy around us. Like Judas, zealots sometimes confuse ‘raising the energy’ with the behavior that causes damage to themselves and others souls. We do not take vows of poverty. Neither is money our primary focus. We do not condemn consensual behaviors that cause no damage to a soul. We are careful to keep our mind set on doing what is good and right for ourselves and for others. We must keep God in open conversation all our life and for our soul, eternally. Evolving Minds and Souls believes in full awareness of the forces of good and evil.

Having comprehensive knowledge of good and evil allows one to be fully aware of the forces that are involved in any situation. It is instrumental in drawing the right conclusions. Being aware of evil demons is consistent with ‘staying close to our enemies’. The demons of Satan are the enemies. We must know what they are up to for the protection of our soul. Our guiding light is love. Jesus taught that an attitude of love for ourselves and others is how we show our love for God.

Jesus said LOVE OF GOD, SELF AND OTHERS is the entire answer. Jesus offered the example of ‘The Good Samaritan’ to explain love for others. The spirit of that story is broad and will be addressed separately. Evolving Minds and Souls considers ‘Detachment’ a voluntary shut down of the soul. Detachment is not part of our teaching. ‘Love’ does not control and manipulate. It allows and encourages the good in a person.

Being born the King of Kings is a pronouncement that Jesus was the ruler of all the earth. The death of the King of Kings, in the manner that he was killed, and in accord with prophecy, is consistent with his teachings of ‘God’s change in the rules’ for admittance to heaven. The only logical conclusion is that Jesus is the Messiah, or the Christ.

All mankind was served by the rule changes by God, and announced by Jesus. There is nothing anyone can do that can undo these changes. If you live a life of goodness, your soul will go to heaven, no matter what you believe about Jesus.

There is no need to labor over Jesus being the Messiah. Jesus himself told John the Baptist followers that He did not want to be a stumbling block, or hindrance to repentance, which is a cleansing of the soul, or their path to a life of goodness. Acceptance of Jesus is not a criterion for admittance to heaven. Some that will go have never heard of Jesus.

Note: From the very beginning when first man and woman disobeyed God, sending Jesus was inevitable. God tested the last good man Job. He sent prophets. What was left was to change the rules. Previously, God promised Abraham that his offspring would go to heaven. The ‘Spirit of the law of Abraham’ was that they also live a life as pure as Abraham.

We know God tested Abraham even to the point of sacrificing his own son. Jesus said to the religious leaders that they were not the sons of Abraham, but the sons of Satan. We believe the words in the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. “God’s Kingdom come… to earth, as it is in heaven” means we should make our life on earth more heavenly.

Part of our purpose on the earth is to pursue a life of goodness and beauty, which is heaven on earth. This is consistent with our divine purpose, which is to evolve our souls. The behavior of heaven is always one of love. If we follow the path of love, our soul will not be confused about it’s destiny.

Evolving Minds and souls believes only mankind has two completely separate spirits. One spirit is governed by Mother Nature. That one is subject to the ‘laws of nature’. The other one is an eternal spirit, or the other self, and is called ‘the Soul’. The soul is equipped to have power over demons and over nature. This makes our own soul more powerful than Satan or Mother Nature. God can cause any result he so desires.

Though mankind has free choice in how they use their creativity, God will make real time changes to accommodate human choice. If God wants something to happen, it will happen. God can also change his mind or his plans if he so desires. God does not change anything without good cause.

God is ever watchful over all creations of the earth, seen and unseen. His ‘eye’ is everywhere all the time. Evolving Minds and Souls believes in the HOLY SPIRIT, which is the ‘hand’ of God on the earth. God instructs the Holy Spirit what to do and the Holy Spirit does it.

The Holy Spirit brings new wisdom and power to humans. It raised Jesus power at his baptism by John. To refute the Holy Spirit is to refute God. Jesus taught that true belief without doubt, you can do anything. This is the power of the soul. We cultivate that power. We pray for specific wisdom.

We believe God will provide the ‘perfect answer’ to a prayer of petition. The answer might be a ‘No’, or ‘Not now’ or any variety of yeses. God will often answer prayer in a manner that you were not expecting. God may decide not to act if He sees you don’t believe He will act perfectly. He may also act affirmatively on your prayer to build your faith, or ‘true belief without doubt’ which is called faith.

Evolving Minds and Souls believes in the worship of God. Nothing less than full reverence for God is acceptable. Expressing anger toward God can result in painful discipline. We show full respect for God and respect for the feelings of all of God’s creations. Anything less is evil.

In all our thoughts and actions we show a full reverence for God and what Jesus taught us about God. Evolving Minds and Souls knows we cannot fully separate ourselves from evil. Isolation does not deter the demons. Jesus was clear that the wheat and the weeds cannot be separated until the harvest. Their roots are intertwined.

We must know when demons show up and how to handle them. Until then, we limit our contact with anyone that is host to evil that we are unprepared to handle. AGAIN: We believe that ‘Jesus is free’ to everyone and that everyone benefited, not just those that think so. Belief in Jesus means you believe what he taught is right. He taught us that a life focused on being good and showing consistent love provide us both heaven on earth and heaven for our soul.

Our mission is to clear the name of Jesus. His name has been used to separate, divide, and condemn. We believe the name of Jesus has been used as a stumbling block to non Christians, which is condemnation. The name of Jesus has been used to abuse others. His name has been used for bash people. We wish to end this self righteous attitude of the oblivious evil doers.

Evolving Minds and Souls teaches that to achieve inner peace, one must synchronize the energies of the mind with the soul. This is when the mind has fully understood the soul and has aligned with this immense power.

Evolving Minds and Souls explains that your soul is ‘already fully engaged’ and always has been. The soul will ‘Help’ improve the results you get with any endeavor you are fully engaged in. This demonstrates that the soul can and is used for both good and evil. Our concern is not so much in what choices you make, but that you understand what your choices are. Then you decide.

Evolving Minds and souls offers ‘explanations that make sense’ and work. We say, ‘if it feels right in your soul, then it is right’. The feelings that feel right in the soul provide ‘aha’ moments, an epiphany or an awakening. This is when spiritual transformation begins. These changes affect everything about you. It is your behavior that guides your soul to heaven, or eventually returned to the source.

Your heart is the root of behavior. If you heart is clear, and your awareness is high, your behavior is the behavior of heaven. I welcome you that are religious and those that are not to be a part of our Evolving Minds and Souls organization.