by Ronald G. Matthews



‘Explanations that make sense’

‘If it feels right in your soul, it is right’

Based on the book, ‘THE POINT’ by Ronald G. Matthews  Copyright 2012

VERSION 8.15.14

PURPOSE: This page is to provide a simple list of behaviors. These behaviors are separated by the ones that feel good and the ones that feel bad, or less than good. A book and multiple video presentations are forthcoming on this topic.


BENEFIT: Sometimes we really don’t know what feels good and bad. A reference here might be just the right thing. It should validate what you feel is right behavior and wrong behavior. Sometimes a demon disguised as an ‘Angel of Light’ simply means a demon has entered the conversation in your head, and is suggesting you do something that you FEEL is wrong, but are being told is RIGHT.

Here is a list of words that describe behaviors that are good and feel good. We have only minor examples here.


Accommodation, Affectionate, Aid, Alms, Altruistic, Amiable, Ardent, Assist, Benevolence, Blessing, Caring, Charity, Charming, Clemency, Considerate, Cordiality, Courtesy, Decency, Eyes smiling, Energy building, Forbearance, Enthusiastic, Excitable, Excellence, Faithful, Friendliness, Funny, Gentleness, Good intention, Good will, Goodness, Grace, Graciousness, Heart, Helpfulness, Hospitality, Humanity, Indulgence, Kindness, Lifting the Spirit, Loving, Magnanimity, Mildness, Patience, Philanthropy, Pleasant, Polite, Relief, Servitude Serviceability, Sincere, Solicitousness, Solicitude, Success, Sweetness, Sympathy, Tact, Tenderness, Thoughtful, Tolerance, Understanding, Unselfishness


These are the behaviors that feel bad, and cause damage to one’s own soul and usually to those you are in contact with.

Since demons are the source of bad behavior, I call the demons by the name of the bad behavior that they provoke

If you have ever done any of the following behaviors, then you can be sure that demon has used you to do that behavior.  


Abuse Clan, Abuse, Aggressive, Anxiety, Argumentative, Arrogance, Attention starved disorder, Bashing, Better than thou, Betrayal, Bipolar: other mental afflictions, Bitter: Bitterness, Bossy, Bragging, Brutality, Bullying, Cheating, Chiding, Chuckling under breath, Critical, Commenting, Condemning Clan, Confidence people, Controlling, Coarseness, Crabby, Cursed,  Death wish, Deceitful, Defeated, Depression, Denigrate, DISAPPROVAL CLAN, Disgust, Disingenuous, Disliking, Domineering, Doubt, Drained of energy,Driving after drinking and driving drunk, Driving reckless, Edgy, Evil energy drains in general, Expressed dislike of a person,

Envies; Enviousness, Eye drill(malicious staring), Illogical Fear, Fighting, Financial ignorance, Foggy or hazy, Glaring, Gotcha’s, Gutter language, Hating, Hard headed, Hitting Hurting, Ignorance, Impugns, Inconsiderate, Inflexibility, Internet – pop ups; spammers; hackers …all evil, Jealousy, Lacking respect, Laughing at, Lack of interest or concern, Life skills, Lying, Manic, Manipulative, Meanness Clan, Mocking, Moody, Name calling, Narcissistic Disorder, Two things here, One is we are all vain to some degree, Need deficit disorder, Needling, Negligence, No time, Oblivious, Obstinate, Offended; Being offended, Perfection, Potty mouth – foul and stinky language that is disrespectful of the person or audience. Poverty, Often a life, Physical abuse, Raw language, Refusal to communicate, Religious abuse, Resentment, Rude: Rudeness, Sarcasm, Self abuse, Self centered, Self conscious, Self denogating, Self Sabotage, Sexual abuse, Sickeningly religious language, Silent control, Schizophrenia, Slanderous, Slavery, Slights, Smirking, Snippy, Squeaky Wheel, Stealing, Stress beyond what you manage well , Sour, Spiteful, Staring, Stubborn, Suicidal, Suggesting, Superficial, Talking behind back, Taunting, Teasing, Theft; robbery, Thoughtless, Tight Jawed, Touting, Trash mouth, Unfriendliness, Vendetta, Vengeful, Verbal abuse, Victimized, Vile, War, Withdrawal from others





Active, Ambitious, Assertive, Careless, Cautious, Conceited, Conscientious, Creative, Curious, Docile, Extroverted, Impulsive, Introverted, Inventive, Nervous, Passive, Perfectionist, Pragmatic, Reserved, Serious, Trustworthy, Volatile

Good behavior: Everything you have experienced in life that made you feel good in your soul, not necessarily physically.

Bad behavior: Everything that made you feel bad; injured your heart; hurt your feelings; abused you verbally, physically, sexually, religiously, mentally