Based on the book, ‘THE POINT’ by Ronald G. Matthews, Copyright 2012

Reference Page 369 – BOOK: THE POINT



This page is a very brief synopsis for Defending the Soul with Progressive Confrontation.  This subject will become a book in 2014-15.


The soul is a spiritual Being. The soul contains all of the feelings it takes in and when we die, takes those feelings with it to Heaven or Hell, whichever place you choose to be. If you wish to know more about ‘The Soul’ please read ‘The Point’ or an upcoming book on the subject.

The soul takes in all feelings good or bad. The bad feelings can be cleansed but if they are not, the soul becomes sick. Again, see ‘The Point’ for how to cleanse. Once a person chooses to cleanse the soul, it is important to defend it from new damage.

There are spiritual beings that use oblivious people to do their evil. This is how evil works. Until one recognizes and accepts these spiritual forces there is little you can do to stop them. This is true whether these demons are your own or someone else’s.

When the mind does not understand the soul, the soul is left in a weakened state. The soul has within it the power to defeat demons, when the mind is in sync with the soul.


Simply put, when you are not able to defend your soul from the damage bad behavior can cause, you should walk away from that person immediately if at all possible. This is the only logical approach to limit fresh damage to the soul from other people’s use of bad behavior. Damage is defined as any behavior that causes you to feel bad about yourself in any way.

As one becomes more aware of what the soul is and the dark forces, one is able to summon the soul in defeating demons. Demons have a job to do. That is why they are here. It is to defeat your soul, such that it is unusable by you or by God. Demons don’t accept a truce and don’t stay down if knocked down.

Demons are real spiritual creations and are eternal beings, which only God can destroy, and does not destroy. The worst God has done is to bind the worst demons in the leviathan, but did not destroy them. You direct your soul to fully defeat a demon before you can achieve any peace. Your mind and sometimes your body are the convincing elements that engage your soul to action.

The objective in defeating evil is to bring peace. We must confront the demons with mind and soul, and sometimes the body. Until the physical and spiritual are aligned and in sync, there is little we can do to defend either.

Some people are fortunate and have had good role models. They have learned how to defeat bad behavior. They realize that they are dealing with dark spiritual forces that are using oblivious people, or those that willingly work for Evil.

For those people that consciously use good behavior, and know how to defeat the bad from others, these good people have found inner peace. But even the good people usually lack awareness that would make their lives so much better, so much easier and provide them greater resolve.

Progressive confrontation is just that. It is an escalation of a spiritual war that is started with a person using bad behavior.

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