Oprah Winfrey Interview

Opportunity Appointment: 

I like to be out and about, and am quite curious. Long ago now, I was at a party with a date in Newport Beach Heights. It was a birthday party for two friends that were both turning 40. It was a blues brother theme. I knew no one but my date. She knew everyone, and went to greet them, while I got a drink and stood vigalent. She came back and asked me if I would like to interview someone, as no one else there wanted to. She pointed to a young Oprah with a little afro cut. So, I was bored and like to get into peoples heads, so I said okay. She pointed to three producers that were talking to each other, for the details.

I asked the three what I was to interview her for. They wouldn’t say, just to go do it. The one guy, Michael King was the spokesman for the three. I said, “do you want me to ‘rattle’ her, as this is a good test to see how they handle stress. Basically it was a conservative croud at the party.

I walked over to Oprah, said I was supposed to interview her, and asked her name. I thought it different, so went right into my ‘rattle her’ mode. I said, “Your name is Okra?” She pointed out that was a vegatable, and her name was Oprah. But indeed, she got rattled, and bolted over to her agent saying she didn’t want to be interviewed by me. I knew no one else wanted to or would. I was kind of the last resort. It was no accident she was at the party where the producers were. It was arranged.

Oprah had a regional talk show based in Chicago, and the interview was to see if they wanted to produce her show nationally.

Oprah’s Agent talked to the producers, and they looked back at me. I shrugged and smiled. They said, him or none. I have very high intelligence and high retention memory. I remember every detail of this interview.

Oprah came back, and we re-engaged. She was more articulate than nearly anyone I’d ever met, and found out all about her. She seemed so determined, I asked, “Who could stop you”? She pointed to the producers, but I already knew I could sell her to them.

So…realizing I could sell her, and that a daytime talk show host can be very influential, I challenged her to a monumental feat, which she took to heart and actually did it. Not like I imagined, but did address all the criteria I thought was important.

What I didn’t know, was that there was an unmet objection to Oprah by the Producers. She told me this, as I was trying to ‘wrap up’ and get back to the party, and my date. I saw the objection as something that was personal, and didn’t need to be public, and convinced her of this. She reluctantly agreed, once I convinced the producers that she would. Once that was settled, they all agreed to produce her.

Oprah then came back over to me to find out what I had said, and I told her, “She got the job”. She would have her daytime talk show

This story is to show that we have opportunities come to us, in the strangest places, and the strangest times. We that like to influence, use those times for good, though once it is out of our hands, the good might well be tainted. Still, we do.

Oprah mentioned this interview in her History Channel Biography. She distanced herself from me in that interview, saying I was inebriated. Actually I was incrediblly lucid. She also asked me how she could repay the favor of selling her, and getting her her talk show. I wasn’t ready at the time, but told her my educational empire idea. But she didn’t pay the favor. Oh well :)(: