Oprah Winfrey Interview

Opportunity Appointment: 

I am a guy full of good ideas, and share them, enabling others to benefit from them, as I haven’t the interest level or time to pursue all of my good ideas.

Way back, and don’t know the date, but was invited to a party in Newport Beach by a female friend. It was strongly conservative minded people, and for a birthday party. I knew no one, but my date knew everyone. She went off talking to her friends, leaving me there alone. I noticed one other person standing by herself.

My date came back and asked me if I’d interview her for the three producers at the party. I said sure, and asked them what they wanted me to focus on. They said ‘whatever’, and so I asked if they’d like me to ‘rattle her’. They said fine, and off I went, to interview this young black woman, with an afro cut.

I had no clue who the woman was, but apparently everyone else did. I approached her, introduced myself, said I was supposed to interview her, and asked her name. I misheard it, and it was unusual. She said “Oprah Winfrey”. I said “Okra?” She corrected me, and took offense. She stormed over to her agent. Told him I was drunk, and didn’t want me to interview her.

Already I knew I was the only one that would interview her, and had warned the producers, that I’d try to ‘rattle’ her. Apparently I had.

Her agent talked to the producers. They looked back at me, and I smiled, and shrugged. They told the agent, I was the only one that would interview her. Back he went to her, and she came back to me.

I was indeed drinking, but was quite lucid, and can remember almost every word of the following interview and conversation, even now.

I was impressed with how articulate and determined she was. I told her so. I asked “who can stop you? You seem so determined.” She pointed to the producers. I sized them up. I asked her many questions, and discovered there was an issue the producers had with her.

She asked what my job was. I was a sales manager at the time, and highly trained in sales. I know I can sell what I am determined to, but am not a good line salesman.

Oprah mentioned this interview in her History Channel Biography. She distanced herself from me. That was hurtful, as it was me that sold the producers on giving her her national talk show. Seems so ungrateful. Oh well. Let me finish my story.

She explained the issue the producers had with her, and I convinced her of it’s unimportance, and to keep it private, and seize the opportunity of great value.

When I realized I could sell her to the producers, I decided to challenge her to use her, soon to be influential person, to do something for ‘her people’, meaning black people. We decided what that would be, with many of the exact details. She was grateful for this challenge, as she fulfilled it to the letter.

After I was done with the interview, I walked back to stand alone. Soon I got in the face of the producers with my sales pitch. They asked about the issue, and I told them she would keep it private. They said “Then we have a deal”.

Oprah then asked the results of my talk with the producers. I told her about keeping her issue private, but with that done, she was hired. She looked at me and asked what I wanted. I told her I was trying to get back with my wife, but really wanted to have a company producing educational productions. She said to contact her when I was ready, and so I did.

Shortly after, my house was broken in, and my computer was trashed. She had friends in high places. Even my date, who owned a company, has changed her name and completely disappeared.

What did I want from her? My book, THE MINDFIELD, is something only I can do in reality. It is my vision, and is my deal. I wanted her to help me round up the seed money, and billions that would be needed, to produce enough college coursework, offer degrees, and take over the market. Like I said, she distanced from me. That dream was gone, and now I have gone to God for the help. Yoohoo…God finds me amusing.

This is an example of a good idea. Oprah did help her people as she was able. Progress was made. My reason for challenging her fulfilled in large part, yet not. My reason was, that even though Martin Luther King did a massive amount for Black people, it needed another step up, as the hate I felt for being white, needed to end. Much has been done to lessen this divide. I compliment her on her good works and good intentions.

I no longer go into the details of this interview, as there is no purpose in doing so. That I was able to do a good thing, is satisfying, even though parts of it were not to my liking. Perhaps I shouldn’t have sold the producers on her? But I did, and am glad I did.

They did produce her, and they all made huge amounts of money. Me zero. A rich friend of mine laughs that I have had so many ideas, that have made so many rich, yet I scrape along. It is funny, but until now, was all the ground work, for what I care about and am focused on. That has high value, both in the good it will enable, and that I could live a little better, if that is possible. I do like high end living. I do hope this company goes the distance.

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