Oprah Winfrey Interview

Opportunity Appointment: 

I am a guy full of good ideas, and share them, enabling people and companies to benefit from them greatly. I simply do not have tghe time or motivation to pursue all the ideas I have.

I call these opportunity appointments. One of those came to me when Oprah Winfrey was interviewing for her national daytime talk show. As of this update, that was nearly 30 years ago. Let me recap some of the highlights, as it was a very unique situation.

At the time, I was separated from my wife and child. I was a sales manager at the time. I hoped to get back with my wife, but didn’t know if that would happen, and was partying and dating.

The lady I was dating invited me to a Birthday party for two friends of hers. I went with her, but she quickly abandoned me to catch up with her friends. She is quite social. I stood there awkwardly looking around the room. I recognized some people but did not know them. She came back over to me and asked me if I’d be willing to interview someone. I like that type things so agreed and asked who it was and for who was I doing the interview.

She pointed to a young Oprah Winfrey, who I had never seen, or known by reputation. She had a regional show at the time, and hoped to get a national show.

Three producers were at the party, and she was being considered by them to produce her national show. The party was in Newport Beach, California, at an actors house. The two friends were both turning 40, and I was told, gave each other limosines. The house had a commercial nursery attached to it in the back. The party theme was Blues Brothers, and they were dressed the part, and a big mirror of white powder, to simulate cocaine, but wasn’t a drug. It was a prop.

My date said that no one else wanted to interview Oprah, and apparently they all knew of her. So, I was the only one that was willing to interview her.

I didn’t know why or what she needed interviewing for. I asked my date, and she directed me to ask the Producers. I asked them what they wanted me to focus on. They said ‘whatever’, and so I asked if they’d like me to ‘rattle her’. They said fine, and off I went, into a blind interview. I still had no idea why I was interviewing her.

I walked over to her, and told her I was supposed to interview her. She seemed a bit resistant to me, as she thought I was drunk. I had been drinking, but also had taken some energy products.

I asked her name. I misheard it, and it was unusual to me. She said “Oprah Winfrey”. I mirrored back, “Okra?” She corrected me. She had taken offense. She said she wasn’t going to stand for me interviewing her, and stormed over to her agent.

Already I knew I was the only one that would interview her, and I had warned the producers, that I’d try to ‘rattle’ her. Apparently I had.

Her agent talked to the producers while she stood cross armed, out of earshot. They looked back at me, and I smiled, and shrugged. They told the agent, I was the only one that would interview her, so it was me or none. Back he went to her, and she came back to me.

I was quite lucid, and know I remember 85% of what is important to me. I remember this interview, nearly word for word. So, it is important only as an example of taking advantage of appointments that just ‘show up’. I am also gifted with my intellect. It makes me no better than anyone, as love is what matters to our Creator.

I was super impressed with how articulate Oprah was, and is. She also showed high determination to get her show. Those two things were attractive to me. Once I learned she was after the daytime talk show, I thought she couldn’t be stopped. But she said, yes, those producers could stop her. So, it was up to me to get her the job or send her packing.

Oprah and I became friends of a type, that night. I got her the job. I sold her on overcoming the objection they had to her, and sold them on her ability. We had conversations about many things, and I agreed to keep most of those between us. Nothing was discussed that needs mention.

Oprah mentioned this interview in her History Channel Biography. She distanced herself from me in that interview. It was for good reason, I’m sure.

After the interview, I told her the producers had agreed to produce her. She asked me what she could do for me. Well, there is the educational production company I want to build, and only now am I ready to do that.

I’m happy she got her show. I didn’t ever really watch, but stayed tuned into her life. People liked her show.

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