RONALD G MATTHEWS, RON ‘The Point Man’, AUTHOR of THE POINT and THE MINDFIELD, has studied Coaching from several well know Internet based instructors. Ron works on both the physical attributes of situations, problems and issues, and the Spiritual Side. He is alone in addressing the Heart of the Matter, such that both the mind and soul’s energies, are in sync.

Ron has vast life experience, having experienced many careers, people, places and an abundance of behaviors.

Coaching, for achieving goals in your life, is similar to sports coaching. You want to achieve something, and Ron shows you how, and why, such that you comprehend and fully understand all that is involved, both in the mind, and the soul.

Ron too, helps many people with all kinds of relationships. We are in many types of relationships, and it is good that you have one that can mix experience and wisdom, to guide you to new heights.


  1. CALL RON AT 844 551 5505, or send him an email at,… or message Ron Matthews on Facebook. Ron is located in California.

  2. Ron will ask for your email address, and send you a brief questionaire, so that when he talks to you, he has a preview of your basic information.

  3. Ron will call you at the designated time set for the appointment, and discuss with you what it is that you are experiencing, such that coaching or wise counsel, could provide a solution.

  4. Once Ron and You talk, Ron will inform you of anything that is relevant to your request, or situation, and the two of you will decide how to proceed.

  5. Once both you and Ron agree on how to proceed, Ron will prepare a unique and individual program for you.

  6. Pricing is based on ‘Per Goal’or ‘Per Month’, or Goals that take multiple months, might be broken into payment terms. Ron’s prices start at $200 US, and generally stay between $200 to $1000 per goal. However, where the client wishes more intense and immediate solutions are desirable, higher prices are normal.

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