The Mindfield book is a very exacting formula for revolutionizing Education for the future of the planet. It is Global thinking. There is nothing like it in print.

The Mind Development Methodology uses the best possible subject matter experts like college professors, seasoned trades people, and the best possible teachers in the world as the source for scripts that instructs students using the most modern methods for both retention and for rapid learning.

The Mind Development Methodology uses the best possible film makers to create entertaining, comprehensive digital motion picture productions that take the student out of the classroom and into actual examples of everything being taught. It is in fact, education by example.

The Mind Development Methodology is scripted structured content that brings reality to the student.

The Mind Development Methodology is intended to be used by both existing institutions of learning and wherever a computer and internet are available.

The Mind Development Methodology explains the potential markets, the simple structure for each session, segment, or complete course for every subject that has a learning audience.

The Mind Development Methodology uses examples that are recreations using actors, real world examples carefully explained visually and with narration. Animation, digital graphics, and every device used by the professional film business are used to SHOW the student and not just TELL the student. 

The Mind Development Methodology explains all the details for providing the best possible learning experience for a student, no matter the subject matter or the student’s age.

The Mindfield suggest a corporation be started to begin the creation of this type of education such as to provide a complete library of classes that allow a student to learn anything faster, better than any other method.

Certification and degrees will be available.

The nations that grasp hold of this method will have a major advantage as the world evolves to a better and higher state of consciousness.

This book is both a formula and a plan. The Author, Ronald Matthews believes he is the best possible choice to lead this corporation in the initial five years.

The author and creator of THE MINDFIELD, Ronald G Matthews has formulated this revolutionary educational program.  He has created the Mind Development Methodology to advance the educational system of the planet. It would be critical for him to lead and launch this company to insure the fundamental success.  As a visionary and having many years in research, his thinking defines the future of higher education and learning.


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